I have a project

Engineering advice

Engineering is a very important element in making your design functional. Because of our extensive experience we are able to provide our clients with the best advice as it comes to the use of aluminium and glass for their project. Based on your design we can provide you with sound advice as to what will work and what to look out for. We also can provide you with solutions for problems you may be faced with in your current project. Contact us for an appointment.


Assembling and installing

You may have made the choice to purchase your aluminium and glass products elsewhere, but still would like these products to be assembled and installed by professionals. At KAG we understand that the purchase of your aluminium profiles is 50% of the work, we understand that professional assembling or placement of the product is the other 50%. We have professionals with extensive experience in assembling and installing a variety of aluminium systems. One of KAG’s services is to provide you with the expertise of these professionals at affordable prices. Interested? Contact us for an appointment.


You are busy with a renovation which includes windows, doors and replacement of glass? Or have you purchased an aluminium system which doesn’t work as you would like? Would you like to give your curtain wall a facelift? Contact us for a quotation.