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Kook Aluminum Glass (KAG) system is a company specialized in Aluminium profiles and curtain walls. The company is led by Jerrel Kook who has over 27 years of experience in this branch working with some of the biggest names in this line of business in Europe, as well as in the Caribbean. KAG system provides a complete service, engineering, production, assembling and installing. We also provide the service of maintenance if deemed necessary. Take a look at our inspiration section and be inspired. KAG is known for its straightforward and no nonsense approach. Hence our slogan: “Transparent in Aluminium”. Our company is client based and provides its clients with the best quality and service at competitive prices. KAG works with top of the line European partners to provide you with the best custom made aluminum windows, doors and shutters. Our aluminium profiles are meant to last you a lifetime. If you have a project which involves aluminum profiles, curtain walls, glass fixtures contact us, you won’t regret it!


5 unique features when doing business with KAG

• KAG system has a unique payment plan for sizable projects which will help save our clients unnecessary cost. This method also provides our clients with important information which can be used for future projects.
• KAG system saves its clients unnecessary cost because of our ability to efficientlyplan and coordinate the work at hand. Because of our extensive experience with different contractors we have the ability to communicate effectively with them and identify issues before they develop into a problem.
• KAG system provides a complete service, from ordering, engineering, assembling and installing.
• KAG system has the experience and expertise in using semi-manufacture goods from Europe and is able to complete assembling on location. This cuts transport cost as well as extra manufacturing cost in Europe.
• KAG system works with “the” top of the linealuminum and doors provider in Europe. Our partners are able to provide you with all the necessary documentation/videos of what our profiles are able to endure.