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Custom made windows and doors

At KAG we have a variety of custom made doors we can construct for any type of project. Our windows and doors are constructed using the highest grade of aluminium from our European supplier. At KAG you can be creative with your design and it’s our objective to meet your expectations. Here are a handful of products we offer:

  • Custom made doors
  • Custom made windows
  • Sliding doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Fire resistant doors

Sliding doors

KAG’s sliding doors create an elegant frontage solution. Sliding doors are known for their easy operation, these doors can be opened with a push of the finger. Furthermore sliding doors can save you on your electricity bill because of its insulation capability. This means your air conditioning will work less hard to keep you cool. Lastly, with correct installation sliding door are low in maintenance and are easier to clean while providing you with increased sunlight and ventilation.

Folding doors

KAG’s bifold doors connect your outdoor areas, such as an entrance to a garden or conservatory, but they can be used for a variety of purposes. Typically, a bifold can have anything between two to seven panels that are connected with hinges and attached to rollers at the top or bottom.It folds neatly away so you don’t have to worry about bumping into an open door.The ability to fold the doors back instead of having them opening into a room like traditional doors means that you are able to space-save, however petite your space is.

Inside doors

At KAG we are able to provide you with any type of custom made door for your office or home. We provide both outside doors as inside doors. Explore your options with one of our professionals.

Fire resistant doors

KAG can provide you with a variety of fire resistant doors from 20 minutes all the way op to 90 minutes resistant. Our door frame includes the fire or smoke seals, door hardware, and the structure that holds the fire door assembly in place. Our doors are tested in highly advanced test chambers and come with the necessary safety codes. Have you fire door installed by a professional as the doors need to be hung properly and squarely, it is also very important that where a fire door is installed, any gaps left in the opening between the wall and the door frame must be properly filled with fire resisting material. If you need to order a fire resistant door or have one installed feel free to contact us for assistance!

Curtain walls

At KAG we are also specialized in curtain wall constructions. We have extensive experience in engineering and producing the most elegant looking curtain walls for various projects. Our professionals are able to help guide in making the best choice of design for your custom made curtain wall.
A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural. Because curtain walls are non-structural it can be made using lightweight material like glass and aluminium. Contact KAG to help you with the design, production and placement of your unique curtain wall.

Glass sorts (security glass, sounds proof glas, etc..)

We have a variety of glass that you can choose from. Glass is no longer only used as a means to look through but also for aesthetic purposes, protection and security. Depending on your wishes we are able to provide you with a variety of high quality glass in the colors of your choice. Tell us your purpose for the glass and we will help advice you accordingly. Also looking for soundproof glass? Feel free to contact us!

Louvers and Shutters

KAG is also able to provide you with a variety of custom made louvers and shutters for your project. Depending on your wishes we are able to advice you on the best product for your design. Our louvers and shutters are also of the highest European quality. We also can provide you with rolling system shutters, contact us for more information about this product!